How it all began…

It all started with three brothers, natives from Lisbon, with many stamps in their passport and several residence addresses. In São Paulo, one of several countries of passage, they have known the concept "Be well and with style, even in the moments of greater leisure". SPRY was born of the need and a gap in the Portuguese market.

Tiago, does not spare comfort, but can't find comfortable and versatile pieces. Rita, do not give up on clothes that allow her to live her hectic life, and Ines, look for comfortable clothes that allow her to walk the dog, take the kids to school, and go to the office without having to change clothes. In addition, everyone appreciates sportswear, but they are not the biggest fans of the vibrant tones that so much characterize this sector.

They entrusted the production to reputed international factories, accustomed to working with the best materials, chosen in order to offer maximum comfort and versatility. Thus, they guarantee constant news, capsules collections with almost exclusive pieces and a follow up of the most current tendencies and necessities of the clients.

SPRY is made of real people, always in a good mood and always willing to work, motivated, committed people with 1001 facets, from builders, engineers to designers. All together for a greater good, a united and cohesive community.


We believe in ...

We believe in agility among various urban contexts.

We believe that normality is the trend.

We believe there are more surprises on a normal day than in a fictional story.

We believe that to live comfortable is to live happily.

We believe that nobody likes labels, because we are becoming more liberal with who we are.

We believe in diversity, that each person has their way of being and living.

We believe we are all SPRYERS, so we need clothes to join us.